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Criteria For Assessment Of Applications From Third Parties For Funding

Reardon Smith Nautical Trust

RSNT will be relying on the information submitted in response to this form being complete and accurate. RSNT reserves the right to request further information and/or to take steps to verify information supplied.

The directors/trustees of the RSNT are under a legal and fiduciary duty to ensure that funds are used in a manner that is consistent with and advances the RSNT’s charitable object (as outlined above).

By making an application for funding you consent to the RSNT publicising its support of your organisation, and you agree to publish such information on the RSNT as it may reasonably require, including mention on your website.

The trustees/directors of the RSNT have sole discretion on decisions relating to awards of funding or other forms of support and reserve the right to vary the application process, to request additional information and/or to consider factors outside of the information that is provided in support of any application(s).



Login to start or continue the application for individuals under the age of 25 and in full time or vocational education or for third party organisations.